Freebie Friday: Natural Easter Egg Dyes

It's about that time, folks. I've found myself poking around Martha Stewart's website looking for cheery spring-related craft inspiration. More often than not, perusing Martha Stewart's projects nearly always leaves me feeling a little inadequate and, admittedly, pretty overwhelmed. Talk about a team of crafting superheros! Is there anything they can't do, seriously?

You can imagine my elation when I came across these great recipes for all-natural Easter egg dyes, courtesy the wonder that is Martha. I love me some Easter egg dying. Sorry, Paas. My Easter eggs are going au naturel this year.

I think I'll tackle the red cabbage (blue), coffee (brown) and beets (pink) this year. What about you? Will you give these natural dyes a try this year, too?

(P.S. The ingredients are safe for composting AND eating. That ultraviolet purple Paas egg? Not so much.)

Click here for all the different dye recipes, tips and video walk-through.


MSM said...

Wonder if it will leave dyed fingers for church - that was always my favorite with the probably toxic oil-based dyes of my childhood.

Great post, thanks.

Natalie said...

Those look so pretty! What a great idea!

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