Good Morning Ohio: Buckeye Brittle

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Good morning to Columbus's own Buckeye Brittle!

Buckeye Brittle

{images courtesy Nancy Monti Barcalow & Business First Columbus}

I'm particularly excited about this Good Morning Ohio post because this connection was born of a previous GMO post, it features delectable sweets and shows some love for women-owned, local, small business entrepreneurs. A trifecta!

I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy at the Hills Market local food event a couple of weeks ago. Not only is her peanut brittle to-die-for, Nancy's as sweet as punch and one of those folks you want to be around and chat with all day. Her story is like many others', but strikingly different too. Having gone through a big corporate "reorganization", Nancy didn't fret. She took her marketing expertise and got to work on Buckeye Brittle, an old-fashioned, homemade, natural peanut brittle based from her family's recipe. (Seriously, how cool is that?) Let me tell you what. Words simply do not do it justice!

“When I tell people I sell peanut brittle, 
you can hear it in their voices, they feel sorry for you.
I’m not doing this as a bake sale
I’m doing what I want to do.
- Nancy Monti Barcalow, Business First of Columbus article by Dan Eaton

Because of Nancy's determination, know-how, and guidance from amazing local business development organizations like the ECDI's Growing Entrepreneurs Initiative and Walker Food Group, Nancy has landed her Buckeye Brittle in, literally, dozens of stores all over Ohio. She is anticipating even more growth as the year progresses and looks forward to Buckeye Brittle's premier at the Kroger Marketplace in Lewis Center, Ohio this April. Online ordering is also being considered. For more info, check out the Buckeye Brittle website here.

Want to meet Nancy (and lots of other Ohio food talent)...and maybe sneak a piece or three of her Buckeye Brittle? Mark your calendars!

A Taste of Ohio Sampling
Lewis Center Kroger Marketplace
April 17, from 11am - 6pm


MSM said...

WOW- awesome! I can't wait to try it!Good for her!!

Thanks for sharing!

jen said...

cant wait to run across this!!

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