April 2010 · Jen of Little Bean Embroidery shares her guest post with the world!

April 2010 · Sharing my Beautiful Life with Toni at Behind the Red Door.

April 2010 · Erin at Lucky Me! celebrates our home state & Good Morning Ohio.

February 2010 · Designer Lauren Morris uses OMW! as a source of  creative motivation.

February 2010 · The Morning Rising was feeling inspired!

February 2010 · Oh My Word! can now be found at Alltop.com

February 2010 · The Un-wife Housewife Life shares the love.

February 2010 · Scoutie Girl Spring '10 Fashion Preview articles one, two, three + four.

February 2010 · Featured as the premier Blogger-in-Residence at Scoutie Girl

January 2010 · OMW! joins online Design Directory

January 2010 · Carli at The Last Straw talks about her interview with OMW!

September 2009 · Getting some love over at Crowns and Lace.

September 2009 · Quoted in an article written by the Life section editors on Blogs.com.

March 2009 · Kitty gives a shout out on her blog Kitty Maer Photography.

January 2009 · Classic Bride gives thanks to bloggers who posted about SD Calligraphy.

July 2009 · I won a set of LilaFrances' completely darling hangers via Classic Bride. Love em!

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