Guest Blogger...Jen of Little Bean Embroidery!

Little Bean Embroidery
Jen and I met through the wonderful world of blogging and I knew right away that she'd have great things to share with us on what it's like to be a mom, a blogger, crafter, and business owner...trust me, she's cut from the same cloth as so many of us! Without further ado, please welcome Jen of Little Bean Embroidery!

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When Evelyn asked me to be a guest blogger… my response?
Oh My Word!   How exciting ;)
It’s so nice when people are interested in you and your story.

I’m Jen.  I live in central Ohio (born & raised!)  I just turned 31. I sew. I embroider. I craft. I take pictures. I scrapbook. I cook. I bake. (I’m obsessed with decorated sugar cookies at the moment.) I jog. I blog. I listen to music. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 9 years now.  We have 2 little ones… who maybe shouldn’t be called little anymore. Lilly is newly 6, and Cohen is even newer to being 3.

When people ask me what I do, you know… as in “Do you work?”, I always struggle with my answer.  “Well… I used to teach, before Lilly (whose full name is Lillian) was born. I’ve been home since. And I have a little embroidery business.  So I don’t really work…but I do.”

So, the answer is yes.  I do work.
I’m a mom and CEO of Little Bean Embroidery.
CEO sounds so fancy doesn’t it? 

Balance is tricky.  I don’t even know if I call it balance as much as…‘this little creative outlet that keeps me somewhat sane and feeling important’. While I am a mommy first and 24/7, I use my nights and weekends to work on embroidery orders for customers. I don’t have an ‘order’ form or instant ‘add to cart’ buttons on my site. This is partially because I built LBE’s website on my own (and I don’t know how to add it) and mostly because I love having the interaction with each individual customer via email. I want the colors, fonts, designs… everything, to be just what the customer wants! Sometimes it only takes 2 emails, sometimes 10.  I’ve even been called a perfectionist by some (I’d use other words, but ‘perfectionist’ sounds so pleasant.)   

I want each order to be custom made with love. I handwrite my receipts. I tie a little business card on each order. I can wrap your gift, attach a gift card (if you’d like), and even mail it right to the recipient (if you wish). I strive to give the boutique experience, but from the comfort of your home. Each order is as if I were gifting it myself…and remember, I am picky.  I love seeing all the great names, classic and unique, come through on orders.  I’m a little infatuated with names and would have 10 kids just to name them all. Well, not really, but maybe someone will let me name some of their kids?

Speaking of kids. I’m tired. At the end of the day, sometimes I’m excited to work on some embroidery!  Some days I look forward to my ‘alone’ time with my machine, a spool (or 3) of fun colored thread, and some cute baby items (or a tote and an apron). Sometimes I’m just looking forward to sitting on the couch with my hubby, our favorite show, and some ice cream. 

Motivation. Getting to embroider adorable little creations that become memorable gifts is really all the motivation I need. Each time I get an email, it’s like opening a present to see what I get to make next! Then, to get compliments…that’s the best. Who doesn’t need a warm fuzzy now and then? And it’s nice to have that extra LBE checkbook…you know…the one that pays for soccer, and a ($16!) kindergarten (!) yearbook, and the occasional phone bill, or trip to the grocery store if (or rather, when) the personal funds are low. 

LBE has a blog. Nothing over the top, just enough to keep Little Beaners up to speed with new items, designs, etc… And I very recently just jumped on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagon all for the sake of networking. Affordable networking. I have a personal blog as well (which I enjoy writing on very much!) and I follow over 500 blogs (via bloglines). Did I just admit that? Yes, I did. 

Little Bean holds an occasional raffle or drawing directly on the blog itself, so those who follow the LBE blog and/or FB will be in the loop of any fun things going on.  Besides that, Little Bean helps to support our community (and beyond) by donating gift certificates to help raise money for numerous causes, such as the local pre-school program, families dealing with cancer, CureDuchenne, Haitian relief and more.

Evelyn, thank you so much for asking me to be part of your amazing blog. I am honored.  I look forward to meeting more guest bloggers, reading more Good Morning Ohio!, and enjoying all the other amazing inspiring things you share with us!


website: www.littlebeanembroidery.com
LBE blog: littlebeanembroidery.blogspot.com
personal blog: itsmejen.blogspot.com
twitter & facebook

{Jen: You're so very welcome! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share some special insights with the OMW! readers. I wish you nothing but the best! O-H!}


Mom said...

Oh she is the best, Evelyn! I can definately see why she was invited. I am going back there now.

Can't wait to buy things from there.......need a reason tod o so.......heh heh.......

Thank you- great post!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh what a lovely surprise...Evelyn...good choice!
She is very nice and I am going to visit her blog for sure!
Kisses to both of you and have a lovely day!

Twinkies and Us said...

I am one of Jen's regular customers, and each and every person who gets an LBE order feels so blessed! She does amazing work, and I also love her because she's my cousin! Great job, Jen - you are amazing!!

HennHouse said...

I totally love Jen, too.

What she didn't mention is how absolutely compassionate she is. When my daughter was in the hospital for three weeks, she checked up on us MANY times a day. Then, when both of my parents went into the hospital just a week after my daughter came home, Jen went and sat with my mom for HOURS at a time so I could manage my family and figure out what was going on with my dad.

Jen is just that kind of person. And it totally shows through in the work that she does and the love that she WILLINGLY shares.

Great guest blogger choice.

Katie said...

Jen rocks! I've known her from the days of Mandarin Pixie! :D

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