Good Morning Ohio: The Hills Market

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Good Morning to Columbus's  The Hills Market!

The Hills Market

This past weekend, despite the drizzly rain, Bubs and I ventured up to The Hills Market for one of their awesome local food events. What a great time! Not only did we get completely stuffed on fresh cheeses, produce, potato chips, fresh pie, delicious chicken, gelato, chocolates, and the best vegan burger I've ever eaten, we fed our souls with the comradery of Ohio farmers, entrepreneurs, business owners and supporters of the local food movement.

The Hills Market always satisfies. They sell a fabulous list of beers and wines, delectable sweets, bountiful breads, artisan cheeses, crispy produce and hearty meats. If you ever find yourself in the Mt. Air/Worthington Hills area of town, The Hills Market is a worthy stop. Just be sure to give yourself enough time to go aisle-by-aisle and remember your reusable shopping totes because you're going to want to buy everything! If you're into some great crab boils, roasts and foodie-friendly events, The Hills Market events are worth the drive.


Trina and Jophie said...

I'm in Ohio too or as we say here ..
"Uuu-HIU"...We're such rednecks in these parts :0)

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