Wanted on Wednesday: The Guinness Menu

Guinness Recipes
{images 1, 2, 3: Guinness Storehouse. image 4: BBC Good Food}

I come from what you might call a "mostly" Irish-American family, though there's a healthy dose of English blood and a Frenchman in there, too. But with names like Ferguson, O'Mahony, Carmay, and Ward floating around in my family tree, my family tends to feel our Irish heritage is something to be celebrated all year long.

So whether you're Irish or are pretending for the day (and who can blame you?), today's a day to celebrate all things Ireland and one of my very favorite products of Ireland is Guinness (shocker, right?) What would be better on a St. Patrick's Day Wednesday than an entire menu made with Guinness? If you're anything like me, this menu will be right up your alley.


1. Triple Threat Guinness Cheese Spread (found here}
2. Irish Stew with Lamb and Guinness (found here}
3. Guinness Chocolate Truffles {found here}
4. Guinness Black Velvet Cocktail {found here}
5. Guinness Oatmeal Bread {found here}
6. Unbeatable Guinness Cake {found here}


Chantale said...

Oh yum! but have not been able to down a Guinness myself. Way too thick! That's the huz's fave tho. He's part of the McDonough+Ward clans. ;P
Happy St Patty's day to all!

Dan Reeve said...

I'm pretending. because I like beer and a party :)

Anonymous said...


Cold barley soup.


Long Live Eire!

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