List ten: 10 things I would love to do.

This list is a hodge-podge of lots of things I'd like to do. Consider it a bucket list-in-training. See anything you'd like to do, too? Maybe we could accomplish it together!

1. Learn to fluently speak another language. I'm leaning toward Spanish because it's most practical, though I have a good start on French already. Czech would be cool, as would Japanese. I'm up for the challenge!

2. Visit Ireland. There's a part of my soul that longs to see Ireland. It's a place of magic and spirituality.

3. Reduce clutter and learn to live with less. My sister is almost gypsy-like in this sense. The girl does not have the same strange emotional attachment to objects the way I do. I'm a pack rat, but I'm not proud. My house is full of stuff I don't really need. I'd like to start with one room and really de-clutter. I think I'd be able to breathe with less stuff surrounding me.

4. Lose 20 lbs. I think I could if I could just commit to a fitness routine. I loathe working out, but then again, I went to the gym all the time when I had a membership. Perhaps I'm not cut out for at home fitness on the cheap..?

5. Eat local and in season. I really stand behind locally-grown and harvested farms, goods and food, but I'm guilty of not eating it as often as I should. I want to relearn how to eat local, minimize my contribution to outside-Ohio foods and maximize my support for healthier food choices and local farmers.

6. Finish projects I start. I'm notorious for starting something, getting bored before it's finished and walking away, only to never finish it. My work space is chock full o' unfinished projects. I'd like to go back, finish those projects and commit to not starting another one until the current one is completed. Easier said than done to someone like me, but it's worth trying.

7. Grow my own victory garden without the urban warfare squirrels eating everything, the buggers.

8. Learn to can and preserve said vegetables to eat all winter.

9. Learn to screen print. Just one more craft to add to my artistic arsenal.

*10. Learn to make my own sewing patterns. I am a pretty good seamstress, but my pattern skills are lacking. I'd love to not only learn to master sewing patterns and how to adjust them, I'd love to learn to make my own patterns from scratch and share them with everyone. Pattern sharing just makes me smile. I'd love to give back to everyone else who has contributed to my sewing happiness over the years.

(*edit: yep. I forgot #10 on my list of ten. oops! Here it is!)


Mrs. B said...

What a wonderful wish list.

I wish you the very best strength and determintion to accomplish each and every one of those things.

Annie said...

I'm with you on pretty much everything ...especially #6. I'm so bad at finishing things but really really good at starting them. It's a huge problem.

25BAR said...

Good luck!
Especially completing the projects you've started!

Evelyn said...

@ Mrs. B -- I've missed you! Thank you for your kind words (as always.) Your encouragement is cherished!

@ Annie -- I'm right there with you. #6 is a clincher, isn't it? Good ol' #6. I will not let those projects beat me!

@25BAR -- Thanks so much! See? Annie and I both need that luck :)

bradee said...

these are great! ive got a few of these on my own list ;)
you should check out youtube for diy clothes videos to work on ur pattern skills. thats how i learned!

Toni said...

Oh my, Lists (of any kind) make me so terribly happy! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I e-mailed you the info! Have a fab day!

Lydia Joy said...

Definitely take up screen printing!! Once you start, you'll get addicted to all the possibilities it brings - I know I did!
I hope you do take it up :-)

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