Wanted on Wednesday: A Potager Garden

Potager Gardens

{top L-R: Herb Companion, How Stuff Works. bottom images: Southern Living}

With the practicality of an English kitchen garden and the style of a French jardin ornamental, I dream of having a beautiful back garden full of both edibles and cutting flowers, perhaps with pebbled pathways betwixt tidy, raised beds.

While I'm at it,  I wouldn't mind having a dreamy, dirty potting space like this one from the movie It's Complicated. This is the stuff of which my dreams are made.


Chantale said...

Hi Eve! This is gorgeous. Funny thing.. we are going to start our own mini potager garden this year! We have so much wasted space on the side of our house and alot of our neighbors have created boxes of vegetable gardens. We were inspired! How about you?

Anonymous said...

Funny you mention the movie it's Complicated - her garden was TO DIE FOR!!!!!! Love the potting area and pics of those gardens.

Good luck with your garden dreams coming true!

Evelyn said...

Thanks guys!

@ Chantale - I'm so excited to hear that we're both going to be tackling this project. We really don't have any idea what we're doing, but we have lofty ideas (surprise, surprise lol!)

Bubs has been planting a tiny veggie garden for the last few years, but we have trouble with squirrels eating everything and finding the right way to maintain it. We eat crazy amounts of vegetables and really got to thinking about where our food was coming from. It just made sense to eat from our back yard! I can't wait to get started and hear how yours is coming along :)

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