My sis and I have always had a love of dying Easter eggs. This year was no exception. She had us over for an egg dying extravaganza AND dinner! Just a little something she whipped up...whole wheat pasta with a cream sauce with shrimp, onion, mushrooms and a load of perfectly-selected spices and other stuff that worked like magic on one's taste buds. (Like I've mentioned in previous posts...she got ALL of mom's genes in the home chef department!)

Check out the glorious brights we achieved this year. Paas has nothing on us! Sure, we triple-dipped and saturated these little puppies (er, chickens? Eww.) for a veeery long time, but wow did they come out well or what?! Aside from the odd egg factory processing roller marks, I think they are pretty perfect, as far as Easter eggs go :)


Anonymous said...

Very cool pic!

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