I thought I'd share a little of our own, personal eye candy with you all for a change :)

Twiggy lives in our 2-story stairwell, leading up to the 2nd floor of our home. Cool, isn't she? This is a one-of-a-kind custom painting done by D's mom...my future mother-in-law, that was given to D. a few Christmases ago. She is a crazy-good painter and this painting just rocks my world.

We've been planning a whole series of these black & white paintings...the 2nd we have is of John Lennon. He lives in the stairwell going downstairs. Do you detect a theme? No one lets me forget that that my future family-in-law is English :)

What are some other good ideas? So far...one supermodel and one musician...perhaps a poet? A writer? Winston Churchill? (That was my idea, of course, but I'm not sure he'd look so nice up on the wall!)


Anonymous said...

OH. MY. Gosh.

Your future mother in law painted those????!!!!

I am stunned, shocked, delighted and dismayed.

You are a very artsy family. That is some hot stuff, Evelyn.

Hey- I love your name by the way. it is so different for someone who is young.

Keep up the blogging, it rocks.

Eve said...

THANKS!! Much appreciated on all kinds of levels! And I promise..I'll keep it up. It all but consumes me every day hee :)

Mrs. B said...

Those paintings are incredible. She is much talented.

I agree Winston could be a fabulous choice for another. Perhaps the Queen Mum, yourself? or Ladi Di? But I agree WC certainly has a look about him.

Thank you for sharing.

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