We're Back!

7 Mile Beach sand & a CSA horseshoe for good luck :)

It's official...we're back from our honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica safe and sound! There's so much to say, so many stories and photos, it's hard to know where to begin! The weather, the people, the ocean...every, single moment was amazing. And hot! Whew! Humidity like I've never felt, but trust me. It's nothing a dip in the crystal clear water and a few piƱa coladas couldn't fix :) The folks at Couples Swept Away stopped at nothing to make our honeymoon unforgettable. Shout outs go to Akeem, Skippy, O'Niel, Clover, Kaydean, Joy, Ultimate Chocolate and all the bartenders at Aura Lounge. You guys are the BEST!

Today has gone by so quickly...unpacking, laundry and a great lunch at the Morgan House with my mom and aunt (and lots of vacation recap!) I'm exhausted and itchy (I have at least 5 million mosquito bites, oh joy) but happy to be home. Mr. M was kind enough to pop in every few days to make sure Wink was alive. He now has a strong belief that she's the meanest cat alive. Sorry, Mr. M. We tried to warn you!

This week is going to be spent getting the house back in order, repacking and gearing up for Germany/Czech Republic. Time is going to FLY and then we're off flying to a much colder part of the world. Lucky ducks!

But for now, this week on the blog is dedicated to my favorite bits of "Honeymoon Negril". So when holiday shopping, work and hectic schedules have you worn out, put on a little Bob Marley, crack open a Red Stripe and pop over each day for a new story and lots of photos and get you feelin' a little irie.

Yeh mon, no problem!


Mrs. B said...

Welcome back, honeymooners! I am pleased to learn all went well and that you enjoyed yourselves. Looking forward to reading all about your trip.

Best wishes for the remainder of the month to be as nice as the first part for you both!

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