{Negril Favorites} 7 mile Beach

One of my hands-down favorite things about Negril, Jamaica was the beautiful 7 Mile Beach. Couples Swept Away is located right on the beach and there are a million lounge chairs and water floaties -- we never had to wait or go without.

Looking toward the north, Blue Mountains on the horizon

Favorite beach moment: The first whole day we were there, we went swimming in the ocean. The water is amazingly clear and the sand clean and light. After floating around for an hour or so, Bubs looks down and got really excited because there were two black and white striped fish swimming very close to us...then he yelped. The fish bit him! Not hard, of course, just a little nibble, but it really freaked us out. So, you can picture two people flailing and yelling and causing a pretty funny scene in the ocean. It was hilarious, really! To escape the little 'piranha', we went almost to shore, sitting barely waist-deep in the water, thinking we've outrun the little devil fish. Wrong! They followed us in and bit my toe! I freaked out, of course, but we laughed the whole week about it. D. tricked me once, too. I was swimming and felt a little pinch on my butt and heard D. yell "Fish!" I shot straight up out of the water and screamed. Yep, there was no fish that time, only a pinching trickster husband. Bah!

We continued to see all kinds of water critters throughout the week, but that was the last time we were nibbled. The starfish was a favorite. The one I photographed was only about the size of a golf ball, but there was another one bigger than the palm of my hand, too (I was too chicken to scoop him up for a quick picture.)

We went snorkeling at the reef off of Monkey Island and saw so many fish -- black, stripey, blue, yellow, rainbow, you name it. My favorites were the jet black spiny urchin. Bubs told me later than he saw little jelly fish, too, but I missed them. The highlight for me was the sunken cannon, though. There was an anchor somewhere nearby, but we couldn't find it. Very cool adventure! Wish I had an underwater camera...next time!

Bubs in the middle, Money Island above him. Rain was a-comin'!


Courtney said...

I am so terribly, and incredibly jealous. My dream honeymoon is certainly Jamaica. Or Ireland. But mostly Jamaica.

It seems like you two had a fabulous time. But how could you not! hehe Mischievous little fish. I wonder what exactly they were thinking of you two when they decided to nibble on beings considerably larger than themselves. lol

msm said...

Wonderful stuff!!!!

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