{Must Have} The Land of Nod

I wish they made this room in grown-up sizes!

Sorry for the interruption in all things Jamaica, but I just came across something I had to share. Maybe some of you with kids have heard of The Land of Nod, but I just discovered it and fell in love. With the holiday giving season upon us, what's better than shopping from home in your PJs with a nice cup of coffee? FREE SHIPPING on those online goodies, that's what! Seriously, The Land of Nod has so many utterly adorable things for wee ones, I can hardly contain myself. Sure makes me wish I had one (or three) of my own. (All in good time, God willing!)

Splatter Mats for messy (and fun!) play time
How does my hare look?
The mushrooms in with the polka dots is just too cute.
Old school alphabet cards - practical AND adorable!

Just warm up that cuppa and pop over to The Land of Nod for lots and lots of great gifties for kids and babies -- they even offer eco-friendly furniture and bedding! Just enter SNOW at checkout for the free shipping offer (ends 12/14, so hurry!)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with The Land of Nod in any way, shape or form. This was just a PSA from one lover of cute things to another :) Check out their website for all the details!


Courtney said...

Oh my! How cute! I've ventured the Land of Nod, but it was a few years back. You should check out PoshTots... just put your finger over the prices though. lol

I am a HUGE fan of holiday online shopping. My boyfriend is not. Pish. With his schedule, and my ex-husband's schedule, XMas shopping wouldn't get done if I hadn't done it online. Not to mention, I saved shipping, gas, and stress. I also didn't have to try to sneak the gifts past wee beasties, as they were boxed. I love the internet. :D

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