It's been awhile since I posted about Wink the Cat and I caught her being completely cute the other day, sprawling out in the sunshine. As I mentioned in a previous post, Wink was diagnosed as having Psycogenic Alopecia...in layman's terms, she's crazy and obsessively overgrooms herself to the point of baldness. I was saddened by this because, although completely rotten, she's very pretty and her big bald spots on both of her sides were doing her no justice.

Long story short, we tried giving her her kitty Prozac meds for awhile, but she seemed so miserable, always laying about and missing her quirkiness. And it didn't stop her from overgrooming. Essentially, she was bald and more unhappy than she was before and we didn't like that one bit. That was the end of the medication. We were OK with her being bald, but we didn't want our aging kitty to be unhappy.

Well, the good news is she's happier (and nicer) than she's ever been, not so afraid of strangers and is letting her fur grow back (as you can see from the photo above)! The bad news is the tops of her ears are now bald...What a little weirdo.


Tikimama said...

Wink is so cute! Don't worry though, she's got no problems at all compared to one of my sister's cats, who's got pica. He will eat any fabric, plastic bags, rubber bands. It drives them crazy, as any item of clothing, towels, any laundry at all that they leave out gets holes chewed in them!

MissKarenAshley said...

She looks just adorable...what a great picture of her.

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