Honeymoon 2.0

Nuremberg Christmas Market

December is shaping up to be one of the most memorable I've ever known. Just when we thought our honeymoon to Jamaica would be the last of our travels for awhile, my-in-laws, in their seemingly-infinite generosity, have asked us to join them on a trip to Europe for a week!

But this isn't just any trip, mind you. This trip is to Bavarian Germany and Prague, aboard a small cruise ship on the Danube River in the heart of the Advent season. How do I even begin to explain how excited I am? Admittedly, Mr. and I were both a bit sad at first at the idea of not being home to do all of our favorite Christmas season traditions. The crackling fireplace, hanging the stockings with care, A Christmas Story...all will be replaced this year with fresh lebkuchen, Czech glass ornaments, German Christmas trees and some of the world's largest Christmas markets. Now how, my friends, is that a bad plan? Mr. gets to spend his 31st birthday checking out 13th and 14th century churches, 12th century stone bridges, snacking on sausages and drinking warm mulled wine. The romantic European Christmas scenes, chilly air, clear night skies, woolly hats and hand-holding will make for idyllic lasting memories of our first pre-Christmas as a married couple. This trip is now known as Honeymoon 2.0. Amazing, isn't it?

Prague...Looks a bit cold, don't you think?

Interestingly enough, we fly home on Christmas Eve...maybe we'll spot Santa and his reindeer, too! I'm hoping to sneak into our church to catch the tail end of the Christmas Eve service. It's overwhelmingly powerful. If we can't make it in person, it will be on T.V., however! The choir sounds ethereal, reverent and beautiful, just the way a Christmas Eve service should be. If you're local, I highly recommend it!


Savoir Weddings said...

Jealous! I went to Innsbruck last Christmas and there is something very magical about Christmas markets in a foreign land. Hope you have loads of fun!

Angel said...

Enjoy!!! Somewhere warm then somewhere cold! The best of both worlds.

I'd love to go to the christmas markets!!!

Courtney said...

Holy Snap. I'm so jealous. I LOVE Germany during Yule. Oh, the Bazaars! Free samplings of the best small vineyard spiced wines. I need a good Dormfelder. So much freakin' decor, too! They get so hardcore about it over. I love it! Have some honey mead for me, would ya darlin'?

Mrs. B said...

Oh my oh MY! You are in for such a wonderful December! Safe journeys - both of your trips.

Enjoy, take lots of pictures to dshare iwth your devorted readers, relax, have fun.

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