Canopy Beds: To Curtain or not to Curtain?

So. I have a big ol' canopy bed. Actually, it is similar to this one here (though mine is not as ornately carved). Very British-West-Indies-meets-farmhouse. I utterly adore it.

Bombay Company (alas, no longer in the US)

Like this one, my bed has those 4 horizontal slats across the top of the bed. All I do is stare at the center two. I'm not sure I want them there. They sort of bug me. I catch myself staring at them when I'm trying to fall asleep. I dream of ways to fix that sitch because it's weird to obsess over 2 silly slats. Options? Oh yes.

1. I could remove them entirely and have only the 4 outside slats (PS our ceiling vaults this same way):

{House Beautiful}
2. I could turn it into a very tall 4 poster bed:
{Paula Deen Savannah Poster Bed}
3. I could add curtains:
{Pottery Barn}
4. I could add an actual canopy like this draped one:
{Bombay Co.}
5. Or a tailored canopy like this one:
{Martha Stewart}
Which look do you like the best? I'm leaning toward either removing the 2 middle slats or adding simple tie-on curtains. There's something very cozy when I think of cuddling up behind drawn bed curtains as the weather gets colder. If they tie on, it would be very easy to clean them, too. Hmm...decisions, decisions.


MSM said...

I think draped canopy. Removing slats may affect structure - but instead of the way that canopy works I would weave it in and out. Like they do with gazebos now and then.

All of the options are awesome, you have a nice bed for sure.

Amy Seager said...

Hey evelyn,

Just love these bedrooms! Makes me sleepy though! hehe.

Just wanted you to know I am doing a thoughtful thursday post every week about things I believe God has put on my heart and thought you would like to take a peek!

Hope things are going well.

Take care,

Love from

hong kong property said...

some looks better with curtains :)

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