A New Year...a New Blogger!

Happy 2012 everyone! Yep. I'm alive, though barely (I rang in the new year with food poisoning. Oh what fun that was...) And yes. I've been a MAJOR blog slacker this year, but for good reason. My Etsy shop is rocking and keeping me very busy! AND! We got a puppy! More on that later, though. This post is about introducing someone very special to me, who just got into blogging! Please pop over to The Nest at Finch Rest and welcome Michele as warmly as you welcomed me into this crazy thing. xoxo

The Nest at Finch Rest: Happy New Year - very first blog post ever! -- here's the link! I can't wait for more :)

Happy new year, lovelies. As Tim Gunn would say...make it count!


Dan said...

blog slacker... ;)

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Thank you for the wonderful & warm welcome, Evelyn! Happy New Year!

I really appreciate your vote of confidence!

Hope to see your visits often.

Tell that Dan guy to go smoke a zeegar n get off his compeutar n quite the blog harrassment lol.

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