Etsy Holiday Boot Camp Shop Feature: castleco

What better way to start your week than to share an amazing Etsy shop -- Castle Company Soaps, run by the former Ohioan Beth! It was great to connect with Beth because I adore handmade natural soaps...especially goat's milk soaps, more than just about anything. Her combinations of scents are amazing...from vanilla to lemongrass, I love every, single option!
When asked what she loves most about being part of the Etsy community, Beth says perfectly...

"People from all walks of life and from all corners of the world come together because of one common interest --- we love handmade items. We’re all crafty artisans using different mediums. There is a sense of kinship and we’re more than just friendly towards each other. We want others to succeed as much as we want to succeed ourselves. We celebrate everyone’s first sale, 100th sale, every treasury…any bit of success that we have. We’re a family with some dysfunctional members. But when it matters most, we’re there for each other. We’re global and next-door neighbors at the same time. Although I have seen some complaining, I’ve never seen competition. It’s a safe place to express one’s talents.
"Luckily, my mother passed her craft gene down to me. During one visit, she gave me a handmade goat milk soap bar that she made. Once I tried it, I was hooked and I will always use handmade soap. It’s so gentle and soothing and kind to my skin.
I enjoy making soap and am currently creating other recipes. Curing time is between 4-8 weeks and scents/appearance change during that time. It's interesting to see the end result since there were some batches I didn't think started off very well, but surprised me as time went by."

Are there scents you'd love to see? Let Beth know, as she's always open to new ideas

Don't forget to hurry over to her shop and get those orders in...her holiday-wrapped bars would certainly make for a perfect hostess or stocking stuffer gift!


MSM said...

Beth's shop is awesome, great featured seller - and a great winning awesome attitude!

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