Spooky Scary Happy Halloween a la Mildred Hubble

{The Worst Witch, Mildred Hubble}
Happy Halloween everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the very last day of October, 2010. Ours was a busy, fun, candy-filled one, that's for sure :)
 {The Grand Wizard}
And, of course, I had to share a couple pics of  how our costumes from The Worst Witch turned out. Personally, I think they turned out pretty well! And Giuseppe, the ex-lamb. He was a grass-fed guy who used to live on an Ohio farm. Then Mr. M placed an order. Giuseppe made a great stew and his head scared a. lot. of. people. And yes...it's real, despite the 6 year old girl who told her friends, "Oh, don't believe all that nonsense." I didn't have the heart to tell her otherwise.

{Giuseppe's head. Ew.}
Here's to turkeys and holiday shopping! November. Can you believe it?!


Toria said...

Oh, loving the costumes, particularly your Mildred one, they're fab!

jen said...

amazing costumes!! too too crafty! and yikes on the goat head ;{

Jenny Wren's said...

Isn't that just the greatest movie! I loved Mildred Hubbel. I am so glad I am not the only one, I have been singing that movie theme tune since the beginning of October!
Love the costume!

MSM said...

Yes, I really believe ALL that nonsense. Heh.

Anonymous said...

WOW you really look like Mildred! GOOD JOB, I loved that movie!

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