Halloween 2010: The Costume Idea

Halloween is a monumental affair at our house. Bubs heartily admits it's his favorite holiday and gets more excited than anyone I know when all the stores start getting their candy and decorations out on display. Rightly so, the Great Costume Debate starts sometime mid-summer. Like any good crafty person, I like to fashion my own costumes. Call it therapeutic or frustrating beyond belief, piecing together a costume every year makes me so very happy. And anyone who knows me knows that I'd rather not do anything at all, if I can't do it properly! I recall one past Halloween where the DH and I went as an angel and a devil -- me donning white feather wings nearly as big as me and he in a black suit and horns. Quite chic, if I do say so myself!

This year, I decided to take on a bit of a challenge...let me explain.

When I was a kid in the 80s, my sister and my hands-down, absolute favorite Halloween special was The Worst Witch. Precursor to Harry Potter, Miss Cackle's school for young witches bore Mildred Hubble...the worst witch. Played by a young Fairuza Balk (of The Craft & Almost Famous), Mildred is a hapless, helpless witch-in-training, who gets stuck with a little tabby cat named Tabby, can't fly a broom without crashing, fails all her spellmaking, endures endless taunts by Ethel Hallow, and saves the day, earning her a special flying lesson with The Grand Wizard (the one and only Tim Curry.)

First, let me tell you how terrifically terrible this movie really is. If you've never seen it or it has been awhile, check it out on YouTube! Sure, it's in 8 parts, but it's all there...in all its awful special effects glory. 

So...back to the costume. I'm going to attempt a Mildred Hubble persona and Bubs is going as The Grand Wizard. I can't wait! Bits and pieces are already coming together...updates are soon to come :)

What about you...What's your favorite Halloween special? What's your costume this year?


Courtney said...

Wait. Tim Curry AND Fairuza Balk... How the farck have I Not seen this! My parents are so mean. I'm sure it's something they kept me from. Brats.

My favorite Halloween special is still The Halloween Tree. It's awesome and educational.

We're still debating costumes.

Evelyn said...

Oh Courtney! You *must* watch it! But I'm warning you...it's truly terrible, but fantastically garish :) So sorry you missed it as a kid, but, admittedly, I have the coolest mom on the planet so it's no wonder that it was our fav. After all, she still sings the song Tim Curry sings in this movie AND taught us how to do the Time Warp when we were kids ;)

jen said...

oh my!!!! i totally fogot about this movie... my sister and i LOVED it too :) now im going to have to track it down to watch it again... (do you remember the movie The Peanut Butter Solution? That one goes in the 'i cant belive i forgot about that movie because i watched it all the time' category too ;)

CoolestMotherEver said...

Hands down fav is "It's the Great Pumpkin, charlie Brown."

OK. I watch it all year, it is that awesome to me. Has nothing whatsoever to do with being in Michelle Mosser's play when in the 3rd grade - because I was the smallest- had to be Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin. Heh, good times. It was a great play Michelle's mother Grace put on I think for donating to someone who lost a kidney or something.

Anyway, I gotta scrounge around and find your angel/ devis and your hobbit/elf and all your costumes over the years, you two rock at Halloween!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

AH I love Halloween... i don't know what I am gong to be this year... I need some good ideas!

one sydney road said...

I love when people do costumes that are unusual - this is great!! Cheesy movie reference - too fun!!

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