Brothers (and Sisters) of the Leaf

Somehow, I doubt it. 
 It's nothing of a secret around here that my husband knows his stuff when it comes to cigars, but truly, that is only part of the beauty of the cigar "brotherhood of the leaf" (aka BOTL.) As a frequent by-stander, I have to say that the sense of camaraderie, generosity, and shared experiences is second to none. Whether trading cigars with an online friend, getting together for a herf (aka cigar smoking party...read more about the debate of the history of the word here), blogging a cigar review, or visiting cigar shops all over the world, the cigar brotherhood (and I use this term loosely, I'm not excluding you, sisters!) has the uncanny ability to bring alive a rich, historic trade, livelyhood, and hobby all at once.

For the last few months, I've been tracking how many folks find my blog...you wouldn't even begin to imagine the stats I have originating from cigar-related websites and keywords! I only feel badly that I rarely have anything to share with those seeking cigar-related content. This post is for you, dolls. This is for everyone at The Shack Herf on Johnson's Island, for your gracious hospitality; for my new friend Dan who gave me my first "real" cigar (aka not a CAO Moontrance) -- a Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Champagne robusto (which was perfect for me); for ALL of our friends, which of there are so many it makes my heart flutter...

The irony of this satire isn't lost, just politely ignored.
Thank you for welcoming me in.. Thank you for visiting my blog! Thank you for teaching me way more than I ever wanted to know about cigars (I promise to not let my eyes glass over the next time you mention 'broadleaf wrappers'...) Last, but certainly not least, thanks to my Bubs for including me in this part of your life because I think it's incredible.

If you want to learn more about cigars, check out reviews, watch some great videos, or pick up a box, please check out these notable sites:

· Crooked Burn (Bubs' personal cigar review blog. Bunch of links here, too.)

· Cigar Explorer (Collabo of 4 very talented people. Peek the videos from IPCPR 2010!)

· New Havana Cigars (New Havana Dan knows cigars and carries the new, new.)

· Cigar Asylum (Great, active message board with folks from all over the place.)

· Eddie Ortega Cigar Blog (my pal Eddie from EO/601/Cubao/Murcielago cigar fame.)


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks for a great blog.

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