list twenty-one: GreenSpot commitments

I posted on the Hello Magpie facebook page last week some exciting news... Our home (and thus, Hello Magpie) have been approved as a Columbus GreenSpot! As a local "green" initiative established by our Mayor Coleman, GreenSpot allows Columbus homes and businesses to commit to changes which will create a more ecologically responsible environment. Once approved, GreenSpot encourages each of us to share our lists -- to reconfirm our intentions and educate others on our actions to be eco-aware.

This is my GreenSpot pledge. Many of these, we already do; others will be gradually introduced.

Here's how I will conserve energy
    • I will replace my regular incandescent light bulbs with high-efficiency compact fluorescent ones.
    • I will drive 10 fewer miles per week.
    • I will purchase foods, goods, and services that are grown or produced close to home.
    • I will turn my thermostat up in the summer, and down in the winter, or I will install a programmable thermostat.
    • Other ways we will conserve energy. Please tell us what you will be doing in the space at the end of the form.
    • We will line dry our laundry the majority of the time, rather than using a clothes dryer.
    Here's how I will conserve & protect water
      • I will water my yard only once a week, keeping in mind that 1 inch of rain/water is enough to keep most lawns healthy.
      • I will install a rain barrel in my yard to collect rainwater, and use it to water my plants.
      • I will install a low-flush toilet, or put a bottle of water or a displacement bag in my tank so I use less water with each flush.
      • I will plant a tree on my property.
      • Other ways we will conserve & protect water. Please tell us what you will be doing in the space at the end of the form.
      • We no longer use our dishwasher. Instead, we use eco-friendly cleaning products and hand-wash our dishes, controlling the amount of water used.
      • We no longer take excessively long showers.
      • We no longer let the water run when brushing our teeth.
      Here's how I will reduce, recycle and reuse
        • I will carry reusable bags when I shop.
        • I will choose products that use less packaging and less harmful material.
        • I will request to be taken off junk mailing lists, stop catalog orders, and pay my bills online.
        • I will avoid one-use items such as paper plates.
        • I will buy small amounts of items that have a short shelf life and bulk amounts of items that do not go bad quickly.
        • I will donate unused or unwanted items instead of throwing them away-and explore thrift stores instead of always buying something new.
        • I will recycle paper, steel, glass, and plastic by using my local curbside subscription program.
        • I will separate my yard waste (like grass clippings and leaves) from other trash, and leave it by the curb on my assigned day or I will compost it.
        • We avoid buying petro-based plastics as often as possible.
        • We are mending older clothes, making new clothes from vintage/thrift store fabrics, supporting handmade artisans, and committing to giving handmade gifts.
        • My home business philosophy is that of eco-awareness and conscious consumerism, providing eco-friendly goods, functional, long-lasting products, and vintage items -- all of which support reducing waste by extending product lifecycle, reducing waste, and encouraging reusable items. All of my shipping materials are 100% recycled, repurposed, or reused.

        Want to be a GreenSpot, too? If you're in Central Ohio, visit the Green Spot website to apply. If you're elsewhere, check out the application for great ideas on how to go beyond recycling!


        jen said...

        yay!! we proudly displayed a green spot sticker at our old house! we need to do that in our new house now too!! ill add it to my list ;)

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