list twenty: Crochet, Sewing, and Stuffing, oh my!

 {vintage dress form via See Change Design}
I feel like my life is cracking along at a nice pace lately, though I feel something big tugging at the corners of my mind just ever so slightly. (Do you ever get that feeling?) I do have quite a few projects coming along nicely, which always brings me to smiles.

Here's a list of fun projects I've been working on lately...note the gross lack of home improvement projects. What can I say? Creating little owly friends is way more fun than scraping mouldering caulk.

1. Working on owl #2 #3 for the Great Owl Crochet-along. They are cute! I want to make a bajillion! (Pics coming soon!) *Finished #2 owly last night!

2. Finished a darling chambray wrap skirt, recycled from a Ralph Lauren king-sized pillow case bought for $1 at the thrift store. (pics coming soon!)

3. Finished the perfect sleeveless summer top from a vintage pattern I bought at an estate sale last year -- bright white with Battenburg lace details at the straps (entirely constructed from a white cotton bedskirt bought for $1 at the thrift store...I was on a roll!) (pics coming soon!)

4. Finished two hand-crocheted cotton market totes - 1 for the giveaway and 1 for my store. Loving the pattern! (Keep your peepers open for the Wakefield Market tote...it's coming soon!)

5. Nearly finished with an all jute crocheted tote from an original pattern. Just need to sew a lining and find some leather straps. I like it, but I'd like it better if it were bigger! Next time...

6. I really should get around to hanging my inspiration bulletin board.

7. Grand plans for a sewing machine cover from the great fat quarter bundle from Spool that Bubs bought me for Christmas.

8. I have yet another fantastic heap of fabric -- this is a pretty vintage floral in lime greens and yellows -- of which to fashion this darling wrap dress from Butterick.

9. Working on some new soft goods + sewn items for Hello Magpie Etsy.

10. Before summer's over, I'd like to make I have made these flip-flop slippers :) *Done! Made my first pair last night. Love 'em but going to modify the pattern a bit I think. Best part? I didn't need to buy a thing...I had every material required!

How are your projects coming along?

*sorry for the gross lack of photos. I'm just being lazy. I'll take a bunch and share very soon! I promise! And I also promise my fingers weren't crossed when I promised just then...it will happen...eventually...)

Oh! And don't forget to check back tomorrow...Good Morning Ohio Giveaway winner will be announced!


Chantale said...

I can't wait to see your pics! I can't believe you've been sewing all these projects. Incredible. Hope to start sewing some clothes too (if I can figure out those patterns!). Thx for your comments on my blog, it really makes my day!

MSM said...

WOW - have you ever been productive, girl! Whew!

Can't wait to see pics!

Keep up the pace!! Good job!

jen said...

oh. my. i love the owls. cant wait to see pics of all your creations!! (and i just now realized there there is only one winner for the giveaway!! cant wait to see who the lucky one is!!)

one sydney road said...

Your blog is lovely! And that's quite a list you have there...looks like my kind of list :)!! Isn't it the best feeling getting those projects accomplished?!

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