Freebie Friday: Great Owl Crochet-Along!

I love Delightful Blogs (and have even considered submitting OMW! to their directory), but I don't spend nearly the time I should checking out new blogs to follow. There are too many! It's overwhelming! Today, however, I decided to peep some new folks' blogs and I'm so happy I did because it lead me to Strumpets Crumpets (isn't that the best name?) and Itsy Bitsy Spider -- and they just so happen to be sponsoring an amigurumi crochet owl making extravaganza with an optional swap. Holy cow, how quickly could I sign up for that?! Becky (of Strumpets Crumpets) admits that she is an amigurumi newbie herself, so never fear if this is the first ami critter you've ever made...so long as you know basic crochet stitches (single, half double, & decrease specifically), you're good to go. Sign ups end on May 30th, so hurry over and sign up if you're interested! Also, the swap is optional -- you just need to get your finished owl over to Becky by August 1. There's even a Flickr group set up to share your owlie with the world!

What's even better? Karla of Itsy Bitsy Spider is providing the owl pattern for free to everyone who signs up before the May 30 deadline. (And who doesn't love a free crochet pattern?! Thanks Karla!)

So pop on over to Strumpets Crumpets or Itsy Bitsy Spider to sign up :)

Have a happy weekend!



Becky Farley said...

Hello Evelyn!! First thank you for stopping by!! I'm so happy you found me and now I've found your very awesome site! I'm glad you like the name Strumpet's Crumpets!! I love "Oh my word" lol I say it all the time!
I am so stoked you are signed up and that you are encouraging others to sign up!! This is the best time to learn right?! And Karla is so wonderful, she's the crochet master!! Everyday she impresses me with new creations!
So happy to meet you sweet lady! Now I'm going to check out your whole blog! :)

MSM said...

so so so very cute!

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