Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Congratulations + hats off to Pam Frost Gorder
She's the lucky winner of the Good Morning Ohio Giveaway!

A very big, heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in making this giveaway a humongous success. Without all the companies, artisans, commenters, bloggers, tweeters, and new Facebook friends, this giveaway wouldn't have nearly been as fun. You guys never cease to amaze me. I heart you mucho :)

I simply cannot wait to have another giveaway! This was entirely too much fun :) So, if you're a crafter, Etsian, business owner, artist, or the like, and you'd like to participate in your own giveaway on Oh My Word! please let me know because I would love to host you (and I bet I know a few folks who would love to learn more about you in the process!) Just send me an email at reevetobe {at} gmail {dot} com.


HennHouse said...


Congrats, Pam!

psgorder said...

Woo-hoo! Thanks! Very excited to get my goodies, and to patronize Ohio artisans!

Dan Reeve said...



Rachel said...

Congrats Pam!!! I hope you enjoy my earrings :) :)

jen said...

yay pam!! congrats and enjoy all of your fun goodies!! what a treat :)

MSM said...


What incredibly awesome things! So happy for you!

psgorder said...

Wow! The package arrived yesterday. What a wonderful assortment of goodies. So many things, all made by Ohioans. It makes me feel good!

In the meantime, I picked out a print (three, actually) that I wanted from O'Reilly Ink Illustration, and it turns out that the artist lives in a neighborhood adjacent to mine. She's going to hand-deliver them. Talk about buying local! :-)

Thanks again, everyone -- all the generous contributors and well-wishers.


Evelyn said...

Congrats, Pam! What a small world we live in -- I'm so pleased that you and Maggy from O'Reilly Ink Illustrations could work that out!

I hope that you discover some new Ohio favorites in all those goodies :)


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