Good Morning Ohio: Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery

Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery

{cupcakes via Pink Moon}
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Good morning to Powell's
Columbus's first cupcake shop!

I was lucky enough to be living in Powell when Pink Moon first opened the doors to their quaint, pink-house-turned-cupcakery. Love-at-first-smell, I was a fan from minute one, but what's not to love? It feels like you're visiting the coolest grandma's house ever. From the displays of handmade cupcake creations under a hodge-podge mix of vintage cake domes, the well-worn wood floors, and the huge chalkboard wall donned with the feature flavors in brightly-colored chalk, it's everything I want in a cupcake bakery. Just enough kitsch to keep me coming back for more.

My favorite flavor is strawberry, but buckeye is a close second. Honestly, you can't lose. Pink Moon knows how to handle the classic vanilla cupcake, too. The prices are about $2-2.50 per cupcake, depending on how many you purchase, and is  worth every penny to support this small, local business. The ingredients are fresh and the cupcakes made with love. Cinnamon Nuhfer, owner of Pink Moon, loves what she does and it shows.

I would be remiss to not mention the lovely folks of Pink Moon. You get more than you bargained for here; they offer up more than cupcakes at Pink Moon. They dish up healthy servings of good, old-fashioned customer service with a smile. No gimmicks, just gracious thanks. 

So the next time you're craving something sweet, head on over to Pink Moon for a cupcake! Don't forget that Powell is full of really special little boutiques, all deserving of a visit. It's a great way to spend a sunny, summer afternoon. Did you know that Powell's Farmer's Market runs every Thursday from June to September, from 3-6pm? Pick up some fresh veggies for dinner and Pink Moon cupcakes for dessert :)

*note: Pink Moon had an oven fire! Oh no! They'll be closed today, but never fear. They're back in biz tomorrow!*


Rachel said...

Those cupcakes look delish!! I will totally have to check out Pink Moon!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I just loves me some Pink Moon cuppacakeys! Yum-oh!

jen said...

mmm. i was just across the street from them last week and debated going in. now i wish i would have! next time ;)

Ces't La Vie said...

oh yum! right when i moved i found a cute little cupcake shop in downtown Dublin, of COURSE :)


Kaleena J. said...

Yum! I want a cupcake!

Have a fun weekend, cute blog btw.


Diana Mieczan said...

OMG...Those cupcakes look so yummy:)
I hope you are having a great weekend, sweetie:)

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