What's Cookin? Wednesday: Cafe Ephesus

I've been fighting a head cold all week. (boo!) On Mother's Day, when I called my mom, she said the best gift I could give her would be to stay home, rest, and not get her sick. So, I did. Nyquil was my friend. My health is holding steady at about 80% today, but much improved since the weekend.

Which brings me to this. I didn't cook dinner last night. Instead, we met up with mom & Mr. M for dinner at local Turkish restaurant Cafe Ephesus, as a belated Mother's Day dinner. Delish! I forgot the camera (batting zero, seriously) but I can describe what our menu looked like.

Humus & never-ending fresh pita triangles
- Both were really amazing. I'm picky about my humus, but theirs is very tasty. One big plate is $5, but the 4 of us couldn't finish it.
- So tasty, not rubbery at all. Fried with a flaky, tempura-like coating, seasoned with something a little spicy. Worth every penny. Again, you get a huge plate.

- Everyone tried something different and every one of us cleaned our plates. I had the shish kebab - big chunks of seasoned, marinated filet with rice, a chunk of tomato and green pepper, with cucumber sauce (if you wanted it, which I did.) Perfectly cooked, super flavorful. Mom had a vegetable & shrimp stew dish, which, was fresh, seasoned perfectly, and deceptively-filling. Mr. M had a chicken doner and Bubs had a doner kebab -- basically the same thing, but one's chicken and the other's a beef/lamb combo. Both were great, served with rice, too.

- No room! I turned away baklava, which is history-making, but they were charging $5, which I thought is too steep anyway.

Recommend? YES! Lovely, small, clean, great food, friendly service. I'd definitely return!

Cafe Ephesus
6720 Perimeter Loop Road
(4 stores from Giant Eagle)
Dublin, Ohio, 43017


Mr. M. said...

So I DID return... today for lunch with a few co-workers.

The $9 lunch menu includes one appetizer, one entree, and a mystery dessert [rice pudding today]. They open at 11am and every table is full by 11:30.

Ces't La Vie said...

well hi! I just saw the Perimeter Loop address and got all excited, I'm from Hilliard and i miss it so bad!

i just went through a couple of your posts and I'm loving your blog!! i found you through tiptoe butterfly

if you would like to trade buttons let me know cuz it really works haha


Rachel said...

That calamari looks delicious!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Dan Reeve said...

I love turkish/middle eastern foods!

this one was pretty good.

Chloƫ said...

mmm sounds good! cute blog, by the way! :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I can eat hummus and calamari all the time:)
Ps: your post is making me hungry:)

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