Cookies for Babies!

Cookies For Babies

Very recently, I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Elizabeth Gaubeka, founder of Cookies For Babies, and I'm tickled pink to be able to introduce you all to her and her great home-grown company.

Like so many of my favorite businesses, Eli's journey with Cookies For Babies started right at home, with an idea born of real-life. Wanting to bake healthy, organic cookies for her own 9-month old daughter, Eli got to work recreating a modern version of a truly classic recipe found in her family's treasured 1933 edition of one of two culinary encyclopedias authored by the'Marquesa de Parabere'. Click here for the whole story (it's really inspiring!)

Cookies For Babies 9 Months & Up specializes in baking up yummy cookies perfect for tots and grownups alike, using fine organic flour, organic sugar, and award-winning homemade butter. This is my kind of real talk, folks. No scary stuff, just the good stuff.. The kind of stuff your wee ones deserve! You even get to pick your own label for your box of cookies. How cool is that?! My favorites are the sunshine yellow and natural kraft paper, but it's really impossible to go wrong. Which color is your favorite?

Cookies For Babies is based in Atlanta, GA and celebrated its grand opening on May 1, 2010. Don't forget to shop their website & pop over to their blog for a quick hello!


Ces't La Vie said...

what a great idea!
i would do something like this with my kids, i'm going to be such a paranoid mom, i should probably work on that now haha


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