PSA: Middle West Spirits *EVENT CORRECTION!*

In my over-eager efforts to support the great new local company Middle West Spirits, I didn't check my facts as well as I should have on this past Thursday's Good Morning Ohio post (shame on me, for serious.)

Thanks to an anonymous commenter, I was prompted to check again and now see that this Saturday at the Middle West Spirits distillery is a private event. I repeat...it's not open to the public! -- it's a strictly close friends & family, invitation-only kinda gig.

I stand corrected! Please accept my apologies for misleading you & erase it from your calendar. Instead,  you'll have to find another establishment in the Short North to occupy your time (Surly Girl and Bodega always satisfy.)

Also, it seems that there is contrary information out there on whether the Sandbox event is public (the commenter says public, the MWS facebook page says private), so I'm erring on the side of caution and will wait patiently for their opening and distillery tours coming very soon. When it's open to the public, we'll have to do a meet-up and check it out. Here's to looking forward to late May, when Oyo is expected to hit the shelves.

Until then, darlings, stay warm & have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Well I can see why you were confused, because there is definately conflicting info out there on it. Thanks for heads up. Wouldn't be like that blond at the Obama Inauguration getting the boot heh heh.

25BAR said...


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