list twelve : lost & found.

Some things I've lost along the way...
- my grandparents
- my dad
- my nice hamster Bruce (yes, like Springsteen. He had  a big...um...pair. Everyone laughed at him. I was 9 and was completely clueless.)
- my mean hamster (who replaced Bruce and who bit my grandma & ran away. Don't even remember it's name, only remember he was a mean little cuss.)
- innocence (it's inevitable, but sad to lose don't you think?)
- integrity (I have some not-so-proud moments...)
- focus (or a lack of priorities. No..a lack of focus. Whatevs.)
- friendships (and I use the term loosely in this context.)
- favorite teddy named Pinky (mice in the garage turned him into a nest. Eww..)
- 2 of a set of 3 vintage enamelware bowls. (Who loses bowls?! I can't bring myself to get rid of the lonely yellow and black one.)
- Lost my cell phone once at the Dublin Irish Festival. It pretty much ruined the day, until I went to the lost and found when we were on our way out and lo and behold, someone had turned it in. They even sent a couple text messages to friends/family in my phone, to tell them to tell me that they were turning it in. That still amazes me. Whomever did that for me, thank you.

And a few things I've found:
- an honest-to-goodness best friend
- true love
- a belief system
- money (Nothing beats finding a $20 in a Christmas card, people.)
- self-worth (This one gets lost in the shuffle, but it's there.)
- once-in-a-lifetime experiences (Oh the stories!)
- the truth in people (Sometimes it's ugly, but mostly it's glorious.)
- forgiveness (Though it still doesn't come easy for me.)
- determination (It's what helps me find my focus.)
- what I want to do with my life (and I'm doing it.)
- peace of mind ('tis what it is.)

So there's my list. It was harder to come up with physical things that I've lost in my life because, well, I don't tend to lose things; I merely misplace them temporarily. Finding things is entirely different. I love finding things, whether they're my things to begin with or not. Lost animals, one-of-a-kinds, or other people's stuff...it's fascinating to think of all things lost and found in the world. If you're like me and like the stories behind found objects (real or make-believe), check out Found Magazine and the Museum of Found Things. I could look at this stuff for hours.

How about you? What sorts of things have you lost or found over the years? Anything like a footless parrot?


Saffron Panda said...

Things I've lost:
-Some bad friends
-One good friend

Things I've gained:
-A Wonderful husband
-A new sense of confidence

Haha, it is funny how the same elements can end up on both lists!

It would be interesting to do this exercise for different aspects of one's life. Like a creative lost and found list. Like...

Things lost:
-The "I am not the creative type" attitude
-The idea that crochet=doilies

Things found:
-A love for creative crochet
-A dream to design and sew my own clothes...
-And maybe sell a few pieces on the side for yarn money!

Lydia Joy said...

I mostly taught myself how to screen print. When I was in highschool my Mom bought me a fabric screen printing kit for Christmas (one of my sister's friends had one, and I thought it was awesome). I used it once until about 6 months ago when I decided I wanted to screen print my own wedding invitations. So I learned how using the instruction booklet that came with my kit (it was a speedball kit). I also got some advice from the printmaking professor where I went to college. Of course I didn't get into this until after I was out of school so I couldn't take a class.
It is SO addicting! Once you get started, you will start dreaming up new things you want to print!

Mom said...

Bruce just, um, wasn't RIGHT.

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