Freebie Friday: How to Recycle Anything

 {handspun newspaper yarn by Greetje van Tiem, via greenupgrader.com}
We all can't call ourselves masters of recycling or, as I prefer, "green goddesses". Honestly, I don't even come close, despite my efforts. So, if you're anything like me and could use a little cheat sheet in the way of determining whether or not you can recycle a deodorant stick, plastic hangers or phone books, never fear! Real Simple has a fantastic, extensive list of items you can recycle (and all the whats, whys and hows, too. Yes!) This is one bookmark-worthy list, let me tell ya.

For instance, did you know that Nike offers a program that allows you to donate any brand of old sneaker to then be recycled into courts for various sports for children's programs?


Did you know that no take-away containers, not even the paper ones from Chinese restaurants, are recyclable and neither are toothbrushes? Talk about needing biodegradable alternatives!

If you're looking for hints on how to set up a recycling station at your house, check out Real Simple's great article on just the thing right here. We're trying to work out the perfect place in our kitchen and are considering removing some shelves in our pantry and involving some kind of pull-out recycling bins like these.

What kind of recycling system do you have set up in your home?


MSM said...

Our area has a "all inclusive" recycle center, which makes it extremely easy on us. We need not seperate things.

We put plastics, newspapers, glass and hopefully all we put in IS recyclable!

We just have a nice large plastic container we put it all in weekly and take it curbside.

Perhaps that is why our taxes are so high here, haha.

I think your bins would be awesome for you to seperate your things and make it easier and cleaner and more organized. Good idea(s)!

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