list eleven: 5 + 20 reasons why my husband is awesome.

Dan + Eve, NYE 2009

{Ringing in 2010. Utter silliness.}
I was having creative block. This list is the result of my asking Bubs for ideas on lists. At first he suggested five reasons why he is awesome. When I agreed, he laughed and followed up with, "Well, then make it 25." Tell me. How could I say no? So here it is. The epic 25 Reasons Why My Husband is Awesome list:

1. He says stuff like, "Well, then make it 25." That's classic.

2. I'm married to a man who says things like, "It's unbeLEEEEEEEIVaburga!" And I laugh and beg him never to say it again at least 20 times a day (even though it really does make me laugh and I secretly really ove his silliness.)

2. He makes up his own "walking music". It sounds a lot like the tune to Fat Albert.

3. At any moment, he can and will start singing Jefferson Starship, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez or 80s hair band metal.

4. Literally, he's the funniest person I know.

5. The man looks handsome in everything...even paint-covered scrubs and t-shirts with holes in the armpits.

6. He's generous to a fault.

7. He encourages me to do whatever makes me happy, always and without fail.

8. He does the yucky chores that make me cringe and freak out, like taking out super-smelly garbage and cleaning out the fridge.

9. He holds my hand all the time.

10. Is always up for Lean Gourmet pizza rolls and TV time, even at midnight when I can't sleep.

11. Is the best travel partner ever. Everything is always an adventure.

12. He tells me he loves me (and means it) every day.

13. He can appreciate a well-timed fist pump.

14. Innuendo and 5th grade humor isn't lost on him.

15. He holds doors for me and strangers in public.

16. Unbelievably talented, creative mind.

17. Loves his family and mine.

18. Is rarely one to complain, harbor resentment or ill will to anyone or anything.

19. Trustworthy, integrity, honorable.

20. Best. kisses. ever.

21. Respects and understands the value of hard work and determination.

22. We have a healthy respect for one another's geek-out MMORPG gaming sessions. He doesn't make fun of me when I get really excited about my Dusky Nimblefoot goat mount in LOTRO. (And that sentence made complete sense to him.)

23. He's an outstanding cook and makes dinner every day.

24. Thinks nothing of driving all over Ohio in search of the illusive Dole Whip.

25.. Let's me be myself, without apology or pretense, 100% of the time, and thinks I'm beautiful, even with dirty hair, no makeup, morning breath and a few extra pounds.


Your crazy mother said...

26: He is good to your crazy mother.

MSM said...


He trend sets everything, always has.

Bree said...

When one can boast so proudly on their hubby then he must be a keeper! That's awesome!

evie s. said...

Very sweet!

HennHouse said...

Love that folks are adding, but you've already got two number 2s. So he must be SUPER awesome... :)

You two are adorable.

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