Lately, I've been waylaying my fitness routine for a seemingly-endless list chores...organizing, ordering, designing, cleaning, writing and editing, all becoming crucial in these final days leading up to the grand opening of Hello Magpie. Even though getting ready for launch is clearly and obviously my priority right now, I'm feeling pretty disappointed in myself for not remembering to put my own well-being on my schedule. Since November, I've put on the few pounds that I worked at losing (not hard, but still...I lost them, right?) Even at this very moment, warm, sunshine-y breezes are blowing through my window and I know the imminent threat of tank tops, shorts and (*gasp*) bathing suits is just around the corner. I'm starting to freak out.

So it got me thinking: How do I make my own health and fitness a priority? How do I stop the BS excuses and make time? How do I find the motivation and maintain it? I need your help! Clearly, I can't hold myself accountable so I'm sharing it with all of you. Joining WW isn't an option in my budget right now and neither is joining a gym. Here's my goal: I want to lose 20 lbs. this year. Even though I don't really know how I'm going to do it, here's my rough plan.

· Go to bed early, sometime between 10-11pm
· Get up at 8am and get boring work out of the way (paperwork, emails, etc) and have a cup of coffee.
· At 9am, alternate days of going for a walk, doing a fitness DVD or strength/weights training.
· Eat a high protein, late morning/early lunch.
· Back to work by 11am.
· Work until dinner (around 6pm).
· Straighten up workspace, finish last minute items. End no later than 8pm. (ha!)

We already eat really well, though we can always improve. Less Diet Coke and more water (God help me.) Even though I'm not a morning eating kinda gal, I really need to get into the habit. That's why I'm thinking a late morning/post workout/high protein meal is a good compromise.

I know that there are some big holes and weird spots in this schedule, but at least it's a start. I'm a list person. If I have a list, a routine, maybe I can stay motivated. At least I'm hoping so, anyway.

So there it is. That's my goal. Now I just need to work on the motivation. What about you? What system works for you and keeps you motivated?


Toria said...

De-lurking to say: I never used to be a morning eating person either, I'd often eat a Snickers at around 10am to get me through to lunch and 'owt else.

I've found now, though, that getting up to walk the dog and taking that 45-60 minutes of exercise before eating has made all the difference and I'm usually breakfasted by about 8am on a work day and 9am on the weekend (depending on how long the wolf lets me sleep in!). I could not live without breakfast now!

Have you thought about exercising first thing? Then eating and sitting down to do the crappy work? You'll be more energised (I'm told) after a work out and it may help.

And with regards to diet, I'm a big believer in just eating sensibly (not that I follow that enough so feel free to completely ignore me!).

I shall re-lurk now and shut up, sermon over! ;)

Good luck, I hope you meet your goal.

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Bree said...

I love me some flip flops but not the tank tops!
My husband has a handy un-hurtful machine he can hook up to you and along with some questions he can determine how many calories you burn just by living and how to enhance your already good eating routine (maybe what to eat more of or less of) and also give you the plan according to when you want to weight off by- - - anyway, just a thought to enhance your goals, his charge is low for the results. Sorry, not really trying to sell you something, I just think this is a tool all personal trainers should use since people are so individual with metabolism, age, etc. This product is a great guide- -- otherwise I'll be in the motivation train with you as I embark on losing weight too.

Evelyn said...

@ Toria -- don't re-lurk!! That was sound advice and I think I'll give it a go. As hard as it is, the things worth a hoot are the things work working for, right? Thanks so so much for the comment & welcome :)

@Bree -- That's something I'll have to think about for sure. Thanks for letting me know that such a thing existed! Good luck w/ your weight loss adventure. We can be buddies!

Anonymous said...

The most successful weight loss programs I have ever seen with anyone- and there are plenty- ALL, every last one of them - seem to have an extremely early morning routine. I mean EARLY.........and they look and feel better than ever.

Think "Rocky Balboa" in the early Philadelphia morning running- when he first started pushing himself.

I can hear the theme in my head right now, some of the most eautiful music EVER. Look up on youtube if you don't know what I am talking about.

Anyway I am super overweight and should heed my own advice.

Good luck to you!

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