Freebie Friday: Amigurumi Bunny Egg Cosy

These little cottontails will be making their way to my two nieces this Sunday, but instead of real eggs, they'll be accompanied by chocolate Cadbury's eggs (which are just way more fun to give!) Not bad for about an hour per bunny, a bit of scrap yarn, embroidery floss, and plaid grosgrain ribbon. I used Lion Brand Yarn's free pattern found here. (*note: you do have to register to view their patterns, but it's more than worth it. No spam and tons of great free projects!)

Prior to this project, I had never made pom-poms before, but I really liked how they turned out. I mean, what's a bunny without a pouf for a tail? I used Bella Dia's easy peasy tutorial here for help.

I'm signing out for the weekend. I wish for you this weekend a renewal of spirit, peace in your hearts and smiles on your faces. Please do not let the sentiment of the season be lost in chocolate eggs and plastic grass. Rebirth, renewal, and resurrection all go hand-in-hand. Whether we're talking about nature or faith, it's really all the same language. Here's to enjoying the friendships you have, hugging loved ones and giving thanks!


Saffron Panda said...
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Saffron Panda said...

What a sweet idea, pairing the bunnies with the Cadbury eggs! Did you have ny difficulty attaching the pom poms?

Mrs. B said...

Your little rabbits are absolutely wonderful! Your nieces will just love them!

Have a blessed Easter,too!

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