Good Morning Ohio: Hello Magpie


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Good morning Columbus's (and my) own,

Today's the day...I am officially releasing Hello Magpie to the world! It's been an amazing journey up to this point and it's only the beginning. Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me to lose fear, pursue my dreams, and enthusiastically encouraged my passions. From my heart, my sincerest thanks.

What started years ago as a simple dream of entrepreneurship has grown into Hello Magpie, an online retail shop specializing in functional, practical, durable and beautiful products for every day. Each product is carefully chosen to become part of our growing collection, each with a purpose. For some, it is the material choice, like organic cotton. For others, it's durability, which will extend a product's life cycle (or prolong how long it may take to get to a land fill.) Let's call it getting back to good, old-fashioned basics (and then some.) Some of our products, like our hand-crank rotary beater, have a classic vintage-meets-modern design. Others, like our recycled cotton lunch totes are fashion-forward and endlessly customizable (colorful permanent markers + doodles = a one-of-a-kind lunch tote!)

Alongside our shop is our Hello Magpie Etsy shop, which features handmade items (like the best darn cotton + jute dish scrubbie you'll ever use) and a hand-picked selection of vintage pieces chock full o' character. Looking for a little "spoil me" gift? How about organic bath fizzy bombs? Look no further than our organic Spring Mix Bath Bonbons, which are handmade in small batches with essential oils and homegrown + dried flower petals. The Etsy shop is ever-changing so check back often for all the latest + greatest.

Personally, I believe that we each have the opportunity to redefine the norm by which we live. I challenge and encourage you all to put conscious thought into every purchase, every product. Ask yourself how it can benefit your life. Will it help support ecologically-responsible living? Is it reusable? Safe? Practical? Local? National? Handmade? It's my goal for Hello Magpie to help find the answer to some of those questions and make living as a conscious consumer a little easier (and a bit more fun.)

Here's to the future + HAPPY 40th EARTH DAY!


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Diana Mieczan said...

I am so happy for you! Go Girl! It sounds great and I am going to check it out!
Our planet need more people like you :)
Congrats on the new venture!

MSM said...

the day has finally arrived!

Best of luck, Evelyn! Your new shop is wonderful and it is going to be great to watch it grow!

Bonne chance, dear!

Annie said...

Congratulations!! This is very exciting.

cupcakebomb said...

Congrats on your new shop! It looks great!

5 o'clock crows said...

I saw your blog on the etsy forums : I'm so glad I stopped by to take a look! Especially love love love the plantation shutters!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Lovely shop and beautiful photos - I have a feeling that you will be super successful!

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