List one: I can never have enough...

Here's the start of my 52 Lists. I'm hoping that this will help curb my ever-pending writer's block and inspire me to look further into myself, my wishes, my past and my future. Enjoy.

List one. I can never have enough...

1. reassurance & encouragement. {one of those things I'm working on...}

2. conversation. {nonsensical babble with Sissy, hysterical storytelling with Mom and heated debate with just about anyone all apply.}

3. books to read. {on how I dream of built-in bookshelves to allow me to be beautifully surrounded by my many books.}

4. barbecue. {drool.}

5. recipe books. {even if I don't cook so much, just knowing I have a great pool of resources to help get me going keeps me happy.}

6. house cleaning. {nothing ever seems to be clean enough. Tidy, sure, but tidiness and cleanliness are not the same thing.}

7. craft supplies. {no type of craft is safe from escaping my clutches. Pen turning? Sure, why not...I'll just add it to the list.}

8. shoes. {another thing I'm trying to work on. no one needs 50+ pairs of shoes. It's just weird.}

9. tasty treats to satisfy my sweet tooth. {how I don't have cavities +/or diabetes is really beyond me.}

10. visits to the pet store or shelter. {I want to save them all, I really do. Well, maybe not the ferrets because they're kinda stinky, but I could see myself with a farm or something pretty easily.}

11. movie date nights. {I love watching movies. For years, Bubs & I went to the 50¢ movies every Tuesday at a local theater. Oh the terribleness we saw! But the memories...they're priceless.}

12. travel. {from the Corn Palace to Buckingham Palace, nothing is too big or too small to see at least once.}


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