{freebie friday} Retro Recipe Cards

OK everyone, it's time to take a quick look back into recent history. Remember this post? The one about the small hand I played in my bridal shower with the recipe cards I designed? I'm not sure I really, truly explained what a huge success it was for me. Though I haven't started the creation of my own family recipe album quite yet, all the recipes are in a tidy stack in a beautiful basket just waiting for me. And let me tell you what...these are some really delish recipes! Bubs just made his mom's Madras Curry the other night for dinner. It's crazy good. And my mom's Chicken Parm. And her mother-in-law's Blondies. Our aunts' Treacle Pudding and Rosemary Chicken. Sissy's improved version of Grandpa's Strawberry Pie. Like I said before,with a gift like that, who needs presents? I'll cherish these recipes forever and, hopefully, one day my kids and grandkids will, too.

That got me thinking. Whether you're looking to do something similar with your bridal shower (and I can't recommend it enough), are feeling generous with your recipes or have a potluck coming up, who wouldn't prefer a cute retro recipe card over a plain piece of printer paper or a boring index card? So, just for you, I share my retro recipe card template. Just click here for the template and save to your computer.

These modern-vintage recipe cards are 3 1/2 x 5" when folded with cute dotted lines for writing out all your recipe's details. They print 2-up on a standard 8 1/2 x 11" sheet of card stock (recommended.) Trim at the black lines and you're all set!  

{note: these are for personal use only. sharing is encouraged, but please link back & give credit! © oh my word! 2009}


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