Must Have: Farmhouse Wares

All this snow here in Ohio has me longing for those familiar wintertime comforts, like hot chocolate, snuggling in front of the fire and baking. While in the midst of some sprucing-up of the kitchen, I've been on the hunt for great inspiration and recently found Farmhouse Wares. So much comfort and nostalgia can be found in the well-made, down-to-earth treasures at Farmhouse Wares. Betsy has a pretty great philosophy, too. "When I talk about environmentally-friendly, I'm not just referring to our planet, I'm referring to the very environments we live in. I believe home is the place that keeps us centered and gratified." You can say that again, sister.

{1. glass milk bottle. 2. yellowware batter bowl. 3. glass retro canister set. 4. wire egg basket.
5. cupcake stands. 6. galvanized oval planter. 7.  brick french dishtowels 8. rustic glass dryer rack}


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