Hello, Lovelies!

Sorry for the pseudo post today, but I am going to eat some lunch and get back to painting the kitchen. Surprise! Yep, I started on Sunday and it's really coming along nicely. I can't wait to show you how it comes out. I may just hold off until all of my plotting, scheming and redesigning is complete, though...Cuz I'm all about the dramatic reveal. I swear it won't take too long. (I know, I know...you're still waiting on wedding photos. That makes two of us, though, so at least we can suffer together!)

More to come, feel free to talk amongst yourselves!

Which reminds me...

I know that I have quite a few lurkers out there who have never commented and I'd sure love to hear from you. Let this be your introduction...just jump on in, say hi and let me know how you found OMW!



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