Dear Luxirare, I Can Hardly Find the Words...

 {luxirare...food crayons. damn that's clever.}

It's moments like these that I freaking love Twitter. Thanks to checking out some amazing folk's tweets, (first SweetTartlette, then Bakerella, then through Bakerella's blog), I found Luxirare. I almost couldn't wrap my brain around half of what I saw. Near spontaneous combustion (which I think would be an interesting way to go, if you asked me.) Sure I might come off like Betty Crocker, but I really am an edgy little minx when I want to be and this sassy pants has seriously fierce fashion sense. Her black YSL platform heels bring a tear to my eye. Everything about Luxirare appeals to me.

Go. Just go right now and try to pick a favorite photo.You'll see what I mean.

Oh and I love this..."They’re just clothes, who cares? If there was a meteor shower tomorrow your Chanel bag isn’t going to save you." No, but those YSL Tributes just may.

{luxirare...hardware on a balenciaga coat. newest bff.}


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