Cool Prams + Cooler Moms

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While we were in Germany + Czech Republic, I couldn't help but notice all the hot mamas in their skinny jeans + tall boots, pushing the coolest effing prams I've ever seen. Seriously, they were EVERYWHERE. Even Bubs noticed. The strollers...not the moms. A good percentage of these folks manage to make parenting look epically hip. It wasn't just the ladies, either. The dads were rocking trendy right alongside their pretty wives and bundled up babes.

It got me thinking...

Why must one give up being completely stylish for parenthood? I'm not entirely sure you must, yet more mommas here in the states drive minivans instead of Mini Coopers. Sure, we all can't be Gavin & Gwen (who also have a Brio Go....just sayin'), but why give up the cool factor just because you've reproduced? Hell, I think that should automatically make you cooler and not the other way around. Wouldn't you agree?

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Call me crazy, but I want to be a cool parent. Really...who doesn't? I'm not talking lack-of-discipline, let-your-kids-run-your-life, strangely-doting, BFF-chummy kind of cool, but the lead-by-example, urban, responsible, trendsetting, globetrotting kind of cool. Well, I want to be me (which I think occasionally teeters on the edge of cool or of geekdom, depending on the day) without succumbing to the urge to sell myself out to the overwhelming multitudes of minivan taxi driving-suburban-PTA-pants suit-bobbed haircut supermoms (sorry in advance if I've offended anyone. There's nothing wrong with those things. It just would not be in keeping with my own tastes if I got down with that just because I had kids.) Even if I could maintain my current, meager level of cool after churning out some wee ones, I'd be pretty pleased. Even if I could be half as cool as my mom was when I was a kid, I''ll be just fine. She defined cool for more years than I can count. Seriously...how many kids do you know who grow up listening to everything from Cat Stevens to Duran Duran, drive to Florida every year AND get to spotlight as mini runway models in Gap Kids fashion shows on their birthday? Let's hope cool is genetic.

What would be the first thing I'd buy on my mission as a cool mom, you ask? It would have to be this shiny little darling...a Brio Go. Holy Moses, anyone would look cool walking with a screaming kid, so long as it was screaming while riding in this thing! Love at first sight, I'm telling you what.


MSM said...

I heard your mom is still pretty cool.

I bet she even drives a hot little red Mini Cooper and would gladly buy and trapse a grandbaby around in one of those kewl Brio Go contraptions, or better yet perhaps an antique Victorian pram.

She'd prolly walk really FAST using it if afore said child were screaming, however. But she'd look quite kewl doing it. I am sure.

Yes, indeed.

Mr. M. said...

Are you saying my minivan is uncool?

Anonymous said...

Does your mom know that the Brio Go costs over 1000 bucks?

Eve said...

@MSM -- She's a Level 80 Kick Ass Momma, fo sho!

@Mr.M -- No way! You don't drive a minivan, anyway. You drive the Brick. And it rules!

@Anonymous -- I'd presume not, but hey. A girl can dream, right?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Gavin and Gwen would give up their GO for a good repurposing for yer Mom's uber kewlness continuum.

Mandy Bowens said...

I think that one of the hardest things about being a parent is to not lose yourself along the way. Its easy to put yourself to the side sometimes but Eve- I really appreciated this. It has me diggin in the crates for who I was before babies but just improving it and taking them along on my journey.

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