Where To Begin?

There's a billion things that I want to gush over about our wedding, but it's so hard to do without the proper visual aides that professional photos offer. I love the few non-pro pics we have in our possession, but I don't want to blab about all the details now...just to have to share the photos in (hopefully) January and have everyone sick of wedding talk. So...would you mind waiting a bit more for the juicy wedding talk until then?

Honestly, it may help me to recollect my thoughts and relive the entire experience in the coming new year. As of this moment, I'm not entirely sure it's all had the time to really sink in. With TWO huge trips on the horizon (more on that shortly...), thank you notes to write and Thanksgiving just a week away, I may have to lean toward the non-wedding related posts for a bit longer.

The problem is...what to talk about? The wedding really consumed us all there for awhile and I'm not sure where to begin not talking about it! So, I'll leave it to you...what would you like to read about? I have quite a few new projects on the horizon that I'd love to share with you, pre-honeymoon discussion and lots of fun newlywed nesting tidbits. How does that sound? Anything else? I'm all ears eyes :)


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