I See A New Moon A-Rising

Or, at least I will be tonight at midnight. Because I am a huge dork with an inability to resist prepubescent urges for highly emotional melodrama, sexual tension and mediocre acting. Oh, that and I'm a fan of Taylor Lautner with no shirt on. (I'm not even going to discuss how creepy that is...the kid is 17 YEARS OLD! Pervs, the lot of us. Really. I'm hanging my head in shame quite literally.)

So, with that said, GO TEAM SOOKIE! oops...wrong series... (c'mon, it's a joke!)

If you're crazy like me and you're venturing out for a midnight showing of New Moon tonight, don't forget to arm yourselves with a Red Bull, the December issue of Harper's Bazaar (to pass the time while waiting in line for a seat) and your cell phone and ear plugs to capture (or block out) all the ridiculousness that seems to surround the Twilight series...because as bad as I am, I'm no where near stalker, screamy teenager levels and mighty proud of it. I'm a fan. The end.

With that said, however, I do respect where a younger fan may get a little cuckoo bananas over the Twilight saga's cast. They're some good looking mofos and Stephanie Meyer wrote the hell out of those books and created a fantastic situ ("Oh darn, Bella. You're humbly average and get to be preened over by two hunky supernaturals. Rats. What's a girl to do?") All of the excitement over the books & movies is a gentle reminder to how I felt about Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet, circa 1996. I was 17 and wanted to crawl inside the movie I loved it so much. Sissy and I saw it 7 times in the theater (that was a lot back then.) To this day, I listen to the soundtrack, watch it every time it's on T.V., have the DVD and Radiohead's Talk Show Host is like Top 10 Faves material. The Twilight series hits that same raw nerve with me, somehow. Passion, love, lust, anger, frustration...the drama of it all. Good times had by all. And at the end of the day, Twilight's the same. It's still books. It's still movies. They have hired seemingly-normal actors who have developed a clearly insane fan base. Good luck to them...because they're going to need it. This crazy train doesn't look to be stopping any time soon. Maybe you could pool together some of your money and buy a private island somewhere where no one's ever heard of you and/or doesn't give a damn just so you can get some fresh air and sunshine without needing to worry about being hit by taxis whilst running from screaming teenagers (and their creepy moms...no offense to creepy moms, of course.)

The Mr. was so funny the other day. He says to me, "You're going to want to going to get there at least an hour and a half early for a seat because...well...it's bigger than Star Wars." Now that right there is an understanding only time grants a couple. Let's just hope New Moon isn't anywhere near as disappointing as Episodes 1, 2 or 3.


Mr. M. said...

Creepy Moms? :) Lucky you to be going along with your perfectly normal Mom....

Mom said...

Hey! I am a creepy fan mom and darned proud of it. I mean, who bought your midnight viewing ticket, mmmmmm?????? (Insert maniacal laughter here.)

Whoot, go go whoooooo!!!!!! Just a few hours now!

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