Please, God. Help Me Resist Halloween Candy.

So, having a wedding 2 weeks after Halloween was poor planning on my part. Oh yes, we bought 2 massive bags of it as soon as October hit (as our tradition dictates.) Alas, I can't resist. Miniature sweets are proving too much for me. Today, I'm back to the grind (or Shred, as it were.) Sissy also gently reminded me that a little color on my skin wouldn't kill me...so gradual self-tanning and small-dose tanning bed sessions, here I come. (Yeah, I know. Terrible. Tanning beds are the devil, right? Amazingly enough, I'm over it already.)

What I really want to do is bake these pumpkin cupcakes. Oh, Smitten Kitchen, how I adore thee.

{smitten kitchen}

I'm disappointed in myself and my utter lack of self control. Curses, you pesky sweet tooth.

Does anyone know of anything sweet and not terrible for me to eat? I do the low-fat yogurt/granola thing and love that. Crasins are another fave. I feel like I'm missing some quick and tasty treats and could use some help! What are your favorite healthy snacks of the sugary persuasion?


Angel said...

Kiwi fruit and grapes... Grapes are very munchy so they're good for sitting in front of the TV and munching. Kiwi is just because I like it and it's the season.

Courtney said...

Apples wedges with caramel dip? That way you get the health benefit of the apples, and you can control how much caramel. Really, this is good for any fruits and wonderfully coordinating dips.

williac said...

I can't help you, but if you want to fall off the wagon, get the Pumpkin Love (pumpkin cobbler) at Betty's.

Anonymous said...

I am all about apple slices, even w/o the caramel. all about the crunch and natural sugar....and an apple a day keeps the doctor away...........swine FLU is da debbil!

Good luck. Refined sugar is our greatest enemy, even more so then salt. Hate it and love yourself more.

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