The Ohio Statehouse

We had a little bit of stress about where to have our wedding photos taken. The sun will be setting around 5:15pm. Our ceremony starts at 5:30pm. We're traditional and didn't want to do a reveal prior to the walk down the aisle. (Actually, it was one of the few things D. was very set upon. He didn't want to see me until I was walking down the aisle. Sounds good to me!)

So that brings me back to the picture pickle we found ourselves in...where can we go that will provide enough light AND work with our aesthetic preferences? We asked friends, message boards, our photographer and colleagues. We came up with a few really good ideas and some decent backup plans, but it wasn't until Dan made a particular suggestion that everything felt right...And that suggestion was the Ohio Statehouse. Who knew for $50 and an application, you can get specially-granted access for your wedding photos at this stunning, historical site? I AM SO EXCITED I COULD BURST!

Snow Schmo. Rain? No tears here. No sunlight? No problem. We've got the beautiful Statehouse as our backdrop. Seriously... gorgeous. At nearly 150 years old, I can't think of a more appropriate place. Thank you, my love, and thank you, Ohio!

{1 courtesy: discover ohio}

{2 & 3 courtesy: Ohiochannel.org}


Courtney said...

How beautiful! I'm sure your photos will turn out spectacular.

Mrs. B said...

What a gorgeous space - how fortunate and what a great idea!

That special day is approaching fast! What an exciting time for you both. Enjoy thee next few weeks.

Eve said...

Thank you, thank you my lovelies! I can't wait to share. The wait for our wedding photos may cause me physical pain. Admittedly, patience is not always my strongest virtue :)

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