{Etsy Love} Cocopunkz

{courtesy: sole classics}

Oh Etsy, you've done it again. You've brought to light yet another amazing talent. Cocopunkz, you make me swoon. Just look at these shoes?! Ah. Maze. Ing. They remind me a bit of the works by once-local, gone-West-Coast artist Jeremy Nichols (Raskoe). Sole Classics is still one of my favorite stores to visit because of his murals (top).

{My faves. Infatuation is right.}
{Dancing Cranes}


HennHouse said...

OMG!!! I am IN LOVE! Must. Have. Some. Of. These. Shoes....!

Anonymous said...

They are stunning, but I am definately not brave or confident enough to ever wear them....I shall have to admire from a distance the kind of gal who could, tho.

Very kewl, thanks for showing them and where to find them!

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