{Must Have} LeSportsac Garment Bag

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My best friend/bridesmaid is going to Mexico, as her sister-in-law is getting married and they've opted for a destination wedding. Isn't that exciting? This is also the first time my friends have flown with their 18-month-old son. I am praying they don't become the people I most hate on any given flight...the parents of the crying child. Terrible, aren't I? But the volume on my iPod only goes so high, folks. It is only worse when it's a toddler pulling on my hair from the seat behind me...but enough of that...let's move onto the good stuff!

All this talk of packing and sunshine and international flights has me thinking of our honeymoon. Again. December cannot come soon enough! I did buy the most darling "crushable" pseudo straw floppy sun hat in white at Target for $3 clearance. Yippee! Aside from wanting to pick up a few extra frilly things for the HM, I think I'm all set! Granted, I'd love to buy the 25" upright luggage to match my DVF rolling carry-on, wouldn't it be even better to only have to check one luggage between the both of us because I didn't over pack?! That's my mission. Wish me luck :)

Besides...I'll have the best travel item ever -- the garment bag. I got my LeSportsac garment bag on clearance at Filene's Basement last fall for $20, right before I went on a cruise down Baja Mexico way. WOW. Did it make travel easy or what?! My dresses...something like 8 of them, doubled up on hangers, didn't wrinkle a bit, the bag itself is lightweight so it didn't add to the bulk of the garments contained within and it counted as my 2nd carry-on item. Love that! All of the bag's pockets held accessories, like bangle bracelets, scarves and wraps, too, giving me a bit more room in my luggage. It will most definitely make an appearance on the honeymoon trip...it can hold our dressier items, like a sport jacket for D. and my more formal dresses, for the more special dinners together.

Trust me. If you are traveling, for a destination wedding, a cruise, a honeymoon, for business or pleasure, invest in a garment bag. You'll be so happy you did. I can't recommend the LeSportsac's garment bags enough. They come in a variety of cute, bright and more demure colors and patterns. If you can get one on sale, like me, it's even that much better!


Anonymous said...

Love my garment bag but hate way it looks compared to those you showed.

Maybe I need to lose this one or sumptin.....

Tnx 4 sharing.

Anonymous said...

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