Keeping It Together

Keep it secret. Keep it safe.
{Translucent Expanding File Carrier, The Container Store}

With a little over a month to go, we are certainly nearing the wedding finish line. With a solid year of planning, scheming, organizing and collecting inspiration behind me, there is one thing I couldn't have lived without. That, my friends, is my accordion file folder. Well, technically, both of my accordion file folders.

Once we were engaged, it was one of the first things I bought. A cute pink-edged heavy-duty plastic expanding file with designated tabs for dresses, flowers, cake, entertainment, ceremony, favors...you name it, it has a tab. After the initial planning stages, when contracts came in and final plans and ideas came to fruition, I cleaned out the file and removed all of the ideas not worth hanging onto and made room for the important things - copies of paid checks, contracts, vendor contact information and so on. This thing came with me to every meeting with every vendor and it made getting (and staying) organized a snap.

So, for all you brides currently planning -- or for you hopeful gals out there who are not yet engaged -- a bit of advice. If you don't have something to help you keep it together from now until the big day, invest in a binder or expanding folder! You'll be so happy you did. Oh...and one more thing. Make it something cute, that you love to look at and carry with you. After all, it is your wedding it's holding!

If money is no object.
{Audrey Expanding Five-file Tote, Russell+Hazel}

Make work fun again.
{Expandable file, Amy Butler}

Put together nicely.
{Semikolon Accordion File, See Jane Work}


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, great idea. I have been using a three ring, but that isn't nearly as tidy as this, with its own carrying ability! Thanks for the awesome ideas!

Courtney said...

I have a translucent w/ purple accordian binder. I freakin' love it. I keep all the kids important documents in it, birth certs, passports, etc. Each kid has their own folder. Then I have my own for my birth cert and such. Then I have one that holds my taxes. Everything super important is in that binder. I love that it's so easy to keep things sorted and organized in it!! I'm ashamed I never thought to use it for something like wedding planning. But, since I'm not at that stage yet, my IE Favorites folder has been just fine so far.

HennHouse said...

Great idea! But then again, you always seem to be full of those... :)

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