Haute Halloween Wedding

I came across this posh Halloween wedding shot by Janae Shields in San Francisco and had to share because, not only does it feature one of my favorite holidays, it is simply stunning. Monique & Mark most definitely knew how to put together a fun, quirky and classy themed wedding, don't you think? The cake itself is to die for!

These are just a few of my favorite shots. Click here to see many more. Enjoy :)

{all images courtesy Janae Shields Photography}


Mrs. B said...

I cannot imagine what kinds of unique people would choose this day to get married. That cake hardly looks real. What a silly and fun day that would be. I wonder if the couple would encourage guests to wear costumes as well.

I would want to don a Marie Antoinette ensemble, complete with 3 feet high white wig! Oh my word is right!

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