What a Gal

{courtesy: Reader's Digest}

It's no secret around here how much I adore Paula Deen. Mom and I have eaten at The Lady & Sons in Savannah. To me, she's a rare one...a positive, hardworking, down-to-earth, real woman with a real story who worked hard and honest to get where she is today. You can't even believe how quickly I'd jump on the chance to sit and have a cup of coffee with her and just chew the fat.

Today, while I was out running wedding-related errands, I popped into Meijer for printer paper and the November issue of Good Housekeeping has Paula and her grandson Jack on the cover. For $2.50, I bought it. Yes, I'm a magazine kinda gal. Yes, I don't have $2.50 to be spending on Good Housekeeping. Yes, I thought it over while in line. Yes, I bought it anyway. Yes, I'm so happy I did.

In in is one of the best articles I've read in the longest time. The editor-in-chief had an interview with Paula and it made my day. The woman is just a peach! Not only did she do the whole interview in a long nightgown (because she couldn't stand to wear Spanx any longer!), propped up on her bed in her bedroom, she talked about her work ethic, her family and her history, she kept it real with us...all the real folks reading the article. No false pretenses, no B.S., no show. Those few pages of reading were more refreshing than a tall drink of water, let me tell you what.

With so many great magazines, like Gourmet and Modern Bride, calling it quits, I hope that Good Housekeeping will be safe for awhile. I know, after that great article on Paula Deen, I'll keep reading and you should, too. After all, what woman couldn't stand to have a little more "good housekeeping" in their life?


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